Disney World Character Meal Seasonal Dining Dates Announced

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Seasonal Dining Dates Revealed for a Disney World Character Meal
Photo Credit: Disney

For these meals that are a fan favorite, dates have been announced. Find out when you can enjoy a holiday meal with your favorite characters.

Dining Reservations

Credit: KtP writer Donna

One thing that comes to mind when thinking about dining at Disney World is the food. To eat at those must-visit Disney restaurants, it is strongly advised to make reservations. Character meals are very popular and a great way to meet your favorite Disney friends while also getting some rest.

Up to 60 days in advance, reservations can be made for meals. A few of the methods for changing an existing dining reservation have been changed by Disney.

Credit: Jamie

With the new cancellation policy, patrons have more flexibility to change or cancel their dining reservations up to two hours beforehand. Notably, this has no effect on reservations for meals.

Disney has also changed the policy so that you can no longer change your reservation while it is still within the two-hour window.

Seasonal Dining at Hollywood and Vine

Credit: Maggie

At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, there is a table service restaurant called Hollywood and Vine. All three meals are served buffet-style. Meet your favorite Disney Jr. characters at breakfast.

Minnie and her friends are available for character experiences during lunch and dinner. Even better, they dress differently depending on the season when they meet! Character attire and setting are themed for each dining experience.

A Variety of Five Dining Experiences

Credit: Monica

Did you know that Hollywood and Vine offers five different seasonal dining options? You can go at various times of the year and meet the characters dressed in various outfits!

Silver Screen Dine, Springtime Dine, Summertime Dine, Halloween Dine, and Minnie’s Holiday Dine are the different times of year.

Disney had only disclosed the dates for the Silver Screen Dine, Springtime Dine, and Summertime Dine earlier this year, as we reported. The times for the other two dining seasons are now available!

Holiday Dining Dates Announced

Credit: KtP

From August 11 through November 4, 2023, The Halloween Dine will be taking place. Beginning on November 5, 2023, is The Holiday Dine. There is no stated end date for this dining experience as of yet. However, it’s likely to come to an end soon after the New Year.

Halloween Dine runs from August 11, 2023 through November 4, 2023. The Holiday Dine will begin on November 5, 2023. There is no end date for the Holiday Dine dining experience.

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