Even More Construction Now Starting at Disney World

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The massive floating barges have vanished, but the World Showcase Lagoon remains under construction. What are your thoughts on this new project?

World Showcase Lagoon

Harmonious Rose and Crown
Credit: Donna

The Disney Parks are always in a state of flux as they move forward with new projects. EPCOT has been a work in progress for some time, with construction walls in place for several years.

Guests enjoyed a variety of great entertainment options as Walt Disney World celebrated its 50th anniversary. Harmonious, located in EPCOT’s World Showcase Lagoon, was one of the best.

The show was lovely, but the “taco” barges in the World Showcase lagoon were an eyesore. Guests were overjoyed as these unsightly barges were removed one by one. This appeared to be a brief celebration.

Work Begins at World Showcase Lagoon

New Epcot nighttime spectacular feature show
Credit: Disney

Disney announced that Harmonious would be cancelled in April 2023 and replaced by another show later that year. In the meantime, Epcot Forever will keep guests entertained at night.

“The show will feature an original composition and evocative selections from the Disney songbook all woven together to remind us that we are more alike than different.” Disney says. The concept art for this nighttime show is shown above.

world showcase lagoon
Credit: Donna

We are surprised to see more heavy machinery in the World Showcase Lagoon now that all of the Harmonious barges have been removed. We noticed crews hard at work at the World Showcase Lagoon this week while visiting EPCOT.

There has been no announcement regarding the current work. It’s a safe bet that this is the start of work on the new fireworks show, which will debut later this year.

Epcot construction
Credit: Donna

This large crane was also visible in the World Showcase Lagoon near Germany. There is also a much larger crane visible behind Germany.

Unfortunately, the beautiful view of the World Showcase Lagoon was short-lived, as it appears that work on the new fireworks show has begun. Although Walt Disney World guests may have differing opinions about attractions, it is safe to assume that everyone is looking forward to the completion of EPCOT construction.


What do you think of EPCOT’s years of construction? Do you believe this is the start of work on the new fireworks show? Share your thoughts with us, and please share this news with a Disney pal.

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