PHOTOS: 50th Anniversary Medallion Replaced On Frozone Statue, Remains on Joe Gardner Statue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

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Disney has covered the 50th anniversary medallion on the Frozone statue in Disney’s Hollywood Studios, part of the Disney Fab 50 Character Collection that debuted for “The World’s Most Magical Celebration.” 50th anniversary medallions were removed from most of the statues in late September, but a handful remained. The last few 50th anniversary medallions on Magic Kingdom statues were covered this month.

Frozone Statue

frozone fab 50 statue 8585

Frozone has a new white and silver medallion on his icy base.

frozone fab 50 statue 8586

It features the Incredibles “i” logo.


Above is what the statue looked like with the visible 50th anniversary medallion.

Joe Gardner Statue

joe gardner fab 50 statue 8590

One 50th anniversary medallion does remain — on the base of the Joe Gardner (“Soul”) statue.

joe gardner fab 50 statue 8591

It’s strange that this medallion hasn’t been removed. While the other hold-outs were statues with medallions incorporated into their design (like Frozone’s being part of his ice), Joe’s medallion is just on the front of his normal EARidescent base.

joe gardner fab 50 statue 8593

Disney removed all other medallions like this one and cleaned up the bases in September, so it’s not clear why this one remains.

How do you feel about the removed and covered medallions? Let us know in the comments.

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