Meet the cute baby that was just born at Disney World

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Meet The Sweet New Baby Born At Disney World
Credit: Disney

This is likely the best news about Disney you will hear all day. A Disney theme park now has a new baby!


Disney Babies

Credit: Disney

Not only in the world as a whole, but also in the theme parks we all know and love, it seems like we hear less and less about magic in the news. From rude guests to legal problems, it seems like bad news comes up every day. Sometimes, what we need most is some good news.

And what could make people happier than a birth announcement, especially one from Disney? Disney has had a lot of great news about new Disney babies being born.

And now there’s another cute Disney baby to make us all feel better today. You’ll like her a lot.

The New Baby

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

We are so happy to hear that a new baby mandrill has been born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom! You might know what a mandrill is because of the Disney movie The Lion King. Rafikki is a mandrill and is one of the main characters in the movie.

People know these baboons by the patterns of blue, red, and pink on their faces. “Mandrills are just as colorful on the back as they are on the front,” says the Disney Parks Blog. “This helps the horde, or family group, stay together as they move through the dense forests of Africa.”

Hazel gave birth to a new baby, and she has been very busy getting to know her, rocking her, and taking care of her. Just look at how cute and kind they are.

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

The new baby will be a girl, and she already has a name. Saffron is what her caretakers call her.

Saffron is a popular addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and she’s also a big deal for her species. Only about 4000 mandrils live in the wild, so every birth that goes well is a win for conservation.

Where Can You Meet Hazel and Saffron

Credit: Disney Parks Blog

If you want to see Hazel and Saffron, you might be in luck. The pair is already enjoying their home at Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Kilimanjaro Safaris.

When you go on a Kilimanjaro Safaris ride, you might see Hazel and Saffron cuddling. You might also see Ivy, Saffron’s older sister.

Do you like baby animals from Disney? Have you seen Hazel and Saffron around? Will you try to find them on your next trip to Disney? Tell us in the comments below. And feel free to tell the happy story to anyone you know who could use it right now.


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