REVIEW: Storybook Treats ‘Part of Your World’ Soft-Serve Ice Cream at the Magic Kingdom

A person holding an ice cream cone in front of a building at Walt Disney World.
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At Storybook Treats in Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom, the brand-new soft-serve ice cream “Part of Your World” has made its debut.

part of your world ice cream mk 1

Part of Your World Soft-Serve Ice Cream – $6.29

DOLE Whip ® Strawberry and Purple Cheesecake Soft-serve topped with White Chocolate Crisp Pearls and a Chocolate Seashell served in a Blue Cone.

part of your world ice cream mk 7

The aesthetic quality of the treats inspired by “The Little Mermaid” has pleasantly surprised us.

The treat’s colors remind me of Ursula, even though it’s called “Part of Your World.”

part of your world ice cream mk 4

The Strawberry Dole Whip tasted exactly like what you would expect a Dole Whip to taste like when it is strawberry-flavored.

Unfortunately, the Purple Cheesecake soft-serve completely overpowered it. Even the Purple Cheesecake soft serve lacked a strong cheesecake flavor. Instead, it was heavily artificially flavored and had a food-coloring-like flavor.

Please take caution if you are wearing light-colored clothing or if you are giving this to young children because the Purple Cheesecake portion of the treat stains.

part of your world ice cream mk 5

On an ice cream cone, the White Chocolate Crisp Pearls tasted a little strange to us. This is a touch that Disney frequently adds to their cupcakes, which is fine, but it was overdone on the ice cream.

White chocolate was used to create the seashell. Other than being aesthetically pleasing, it didn’t add anything special to the treat.

The blue cone was just a typical waffle cone in terms of flavor.

When they handed us this cone, we weren’t sure what to make of it because it didn’t resemble the picture that was on the Storybook Treats counter. The shells as well as the colors varied. It appears that they sprinkle a variety of random shells on top of the ice cream.

Overall, it did not “wow” us despite being attractive. We did not want this treat to be part of our world.

Are you going to try this brand-new ice cream cone that was inspired by “The Little Mermaid”? Please tell us in the comments.

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