Another New Baby Joins the Disney Family

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Disney Welcomes Another New Baby to the Family
Credit: Disney

Penny, welcome to the world! Take a look at this little cutie and her 20-year-long story.

Disney Baby Animals

Credit: Disney Animals, Science, and Environment

With so much bad news in the world, it’s nice to have something to cheer about. It’s even better when the thing we’re celebrating is adorable! The announcement of the arrival of new baby animals in Walt Disney World is certain to brighten everyone’s day! We welcomed a brand new red river hog earlier this month! And now we have yet another visitor!

These adorable creatures not only delight animal lovers, but they are also good news for the rest of the world! Disney’s conservation efforts have resulted in the birth of numerous baby animals from a variety of endangered and threatened species. These births are part of the Species Survival Plan initiative.

Welcome Penny!

Picture of baby penny the yellow backed duiker in Disney World
Disney’s Animals, Science and Environment

The newest addition to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park is Baby Penny! Mom Pearl gave birth to this adorable calf earlier this month.

Penny, what exactly is she? You might not be familiar with her species because it isn’t as well known as animals like giraffes and zebras. Penny is a yellow-baked duiker.

Yellow-backed duikers are a type of antelope that lives primarily in the forest. They are distinguished by their hunched posture and patches of yellow hair on their rumps. When they are alarmed, these hairs stand up. The word “duiker” means “dive,” which is appropriate because when these animals are threatened, they flee and appear to dive into the forest cover.

Credit: Katie P

Penny is unique in that she is the FIRST yellow-backed duiker born in Disney World in over 20 years! Disney is overjoyed to welcome a baby into its lineup for the first time in forever.

Mom and baby are currently bonding backstage. Penny, on the other hand, won’t be waiting long to make her debut. This adorable pair can be found on the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail later this summer. They will provide yet another reason to visit a lovely attraction.

Do you know anyone who could use some good news? Send them this story to make their day! Are you looking forward to seeing this little duiker? Please let us know in the comments if you see them on your next visit.

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