Disney World Blocks Some Guests From Making Dining Reservations

Credit: WDW
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Disney World has recently changed its policy on dining reservations, making it harder for some guests to book their favorite restaurants. The new policy requires guests to have a valid theme park ticket and a park reservation for the same day as their dining reservation. This means that guests who are staying at Disney resorts or have annual passes can no longer make dining reservations without also having a park reservation.

Reasons for the Policy Change

The change was made to prevent guests from booking multiple dining reservations and then canceling them at the last minute, which causes problems for Disney and other guests who want to dine at popular restaurants. However, some guests are unhappy with the new policy, as they feel it limits their flexibility and choice. They also complain that park reservations are often hard to get, especially for the most popular parks like Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.

Guest Concerns and Criticisms

Several sources, including Disney cast members and travel agents, have confirmed the new policy even though Disney hasn’t officially announced it. The policy applies to all dining reservations made after November 1, 2023, and affects both table service and quick service restaurants. The modification does not apply to customers who made reservations for dining before November 1, 2023.

Cinderella's Royal Table - Walt Disney World Dining
Credit: WDW

Impact on Guest Planning and Flexibility

Disney World is known for its amazing dining options, ranging from casual snacks to fine dining experiences. Many guests plan their trips around their dining reservations, as they want to try different cuisines and themes. However, with the new policy, guests will have to plan their park visits and dining reservations together, which may reduce their options and flexibility.

Discussion: Pros and Cons of the New Policy

What do you think of the new policy? Do you think it will help Disney manage its dining capacity and guest satisfaction, or do you think it will frustrate and disappoint guests who want more freedom and variety? Let us know in the comments below.

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