PHOTOS: Stitch is now roaming around Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.

Lilo & Stitch visit Walt Disney World.
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Stitch used to show up on the stage in Tomorrowland, but now he can be seen walking around Tomorrowland in Magic Kingdom. Let’s go see Experiment 626 and find out what he is doing now that he has made his “great escape.”

Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland

This morning, it was a nice surprise to see Stitch walking around and talking to guests of all ages.

Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland

We saw him talking to young guests right in front of his old spot, the stage in Tomorrowland, where he used to work.

Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland
Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland

Where should Stitch go now? As expected, Stitch made the most of his freedom by getting into all kinds of trouble around the area. If you want to see him, you should know that he is always moving and doesn’t stop for pictures. For this one, you might want to put your camera in “sport mode.”

Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland

Stitch took a break from making trouble and went to one of the merch carts to look at the goods. He may have been looking for a gift for Lilo. What kindness! Stitch is, of course, with a Character Attendant, who is the person to his left in the blue shirt.

Stitch Roaming Tomorrowland

Stitch started to play with the Kugel Fountain Ball in Tomorrowland, just like we would on a hot day in Central Florida. You may remember that this interactive part didn’t work for almost a year after Magic Kingdom reopened after COVID. In the end, it was back in use by the end of June 2021.

“Alien Encounter” Character Greeting

In 2004, Stitch’s Great Escape opened in Tomorrowland and closed in 2017. In 2017, Disney opened the Alien Encounter Character Greeting in its place (replacing ExtraTERRORestrial Alien Encounter). The Alien Encounter Character Greeting was still available until the COVID-19 shutdown.

stitch's great escape signage removed

Disney has confirmed that Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom will close for good in July 2020. As the removal of signs and the temporary suspension of character meet-and-greets because of health and safety rules showed, the location closed for good in August 2020.

Check out the last-ever showing of Stitch’s Great Escape at Magic Kingdom, which was filmed back in 2018:

Leave a comment letting us know if you’ve ever spotted or met Stitch here in Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom!

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