Walt Disney World’s Wild Side is Embraced by a Make-a-Wish Child

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The Make-a-Wish Foundation and its long-standing partnership with the Walt Disney Company reached a significant new benchmark in the month of May. At the beginning of the month, the organization fulfilled its 150,000th customer wish. Today, Disney shared one more extraordinary Make-a-Wish moment that occurred recently with a wild wish.

DAK wish

Image Credit: @disneyparks/Twitter

The fulfillment of a special wish at Walt Disney World frequently involves meeting a one-of-a-kind character or participating in an extraordinary experience. Wish Kid Sutton, on the other hand, wished to interact with the animals that give Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park its distinctive atmosphere.

DAK wish

Image Credit: @disneyparks/Twitter

Sutton, who is a fan of the popular original series “Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom,” which airs on Disney+, expressed a desire to meet the animals that have gained widespread recognition and affection as a direct result of the show. During the course of his wish, Sutton went to the remarkable facility that is tucked away within the theme park and known as the Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet.


Image Credit: @disneyparks/Twitter

There, Sutton and his family had the opportunity to speak with professionals in the field of animal care, such as veterinarians and key cast members involved there on Disney’s Animals, Science, and Environment team. Sutton was present in the veterinary hospital’s treatment room when one of those seasoned veterinarians performed an operation (we also highly recommend journeying out to the facility for this very same reason).

DAK wish

Image Credit: @disneyparks/Twitter

Not only did Sutton have this life-changing and memorable experience, but he also celebrated his birthday with well-known cast members from the show as well as the animals that live at the Conservation Station, based on pictures shared today on Twitter by @DisneyParks.

Disney Parks shared in the images a priceless behind-the-scenes moment when Sutton and his family had the opportunity to meet one of Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s famous aardvarks. Aardvarks were the species responsible for one of the most endearing stories in the first season of the show.

We are sure that Sutton and his family deserve nothing but the very best, and we have high hopes that his wild wish will be nothing short of a game-changer in his life.

Feature Image Credit: Disney Parks

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