At Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a brand-new elemental photo op has arrived!

Disney Pixar's "Elemental" opens in Walt Disney World.
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The latest Pixar movie, “Elemental,” will be released in less than a week.

The romantic comedy about a water element and a fire element who unite despite their differences appears to have all the makings of a classic Pixar movie.

Credit: Disney/Pixar


With its breathtaking views of Element City and odd cast of characters, “Elemental” seems to be another enjoyable entry in the Pixar classics.

In preparation for the film’s release, Disney is making a lot of effort. For “Elemental,” which had its world premiere at the Cannes Film Festival, Disney is currently going all out.

Photo: Disney/Pixar

It’s Time for an Elemental Photo Op!

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios, a new “Elemental” photo opportunity has been set up by the former Pixar Place area.

Wade and Ember are the subjects of this new photo opportunity. The unlikely couple appears to have gotten into some trouble and activated a sprinkler.

Wade, a water element, doesn’t have a problem with it, but Ember doesn’t seem too happy about it.

I love how expressive Wade and Ember are here; this would be a great pose to try!

A logo for “Elemental” appears along the wall next to the couple, reminding visitors that the film will be released in theaters on June 16th.

Credit: MickeyBlog

So, the next time you visit Disney’s Hollywood Studios, stop by!

Not only is this “Elemental” photo opportunity entertaining, but it also allows you to commemorate a specific point in time, when the film was about to hit theaters.

Photo: Disney/Pixar


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